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The Road to London with the Hurley Sisters

London was a sweet reward for Courtney and Kelley Hurley. The local San Antonio fencers took their lifelong work with them to the Olympics this summer and brought home the bronze medal. After tough individual competition the ladies teamed up with Maya Lawrence and Susannah Scanlan to stun the competition and bring home a medal. San Antonio fencing is proud to be the home of these ladies.

The final team bout was tied and in priority when Courtney Hurley first double touched and then struck the deciding blow to complete an amazing team effort. The excitement on the piste was palpable as the team mates roared and Courtney almost forgot to salute her opponent. As San Antonio fencing watched and cheered, we eagerly awaited the Hurley sisters triumphant return. This week they did just that and were gracious enough to make a stop here at Olympian Fencing Club.

The sisters signed autographs, answered questions and took photographs with their adoring home town fans in San Antonio. Fencing has been a key part of their whole lives thanks to Robert Hurley, their father, an established fencer in his own right. Courtney is returning for her senior year at Notre Dame and will be a proud part of that campus. Kelley is considering training for modern pentathlon, a sport that combines fencing, shooting, riding, running and swimming. Meanwhile, our young fencers are also proud and can boast being able to hold an Olympic medal and have Olympic memories of their own as they head back to school this fall. Congratulations to the Hurley sisters and all of Team USA. You have made us all proud.