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SYC and RYC Weekend

Olympian had a huge weekend this past week in two different events. The San Antonio RYC and the Fencer’s Academy SYC in St. Louis. In St. Louis, Evan Carlisle had a great day, finishing with the silver medal in Y10 men’s epee. Michael Patterson finished with bronze and Christopher Patterson won the sixth place medal. Evan also finished 19th in Y12 ,men’s epee at the event.

Meanwhile, in San Antonio on our home court, many other OFC fencers had stellar events. James Jacobs finished in sixth in Y10 men’s epee. Brandon Benavides won gold in both Y12 and Y14 men’s epee. James Jacob finished with bronze in Y12 men’s epee. One of our new fencers, John Paul Martinez, finished Y14 men’s epee in fifth place.

On the women’s side, Olivia Krick won gold in Y14 women’s epee. New Olympian team member Marina¬†Bochenkova won silver in that event while Jamie and Sydney Love came in sixth and eight respectively. In Y12 women’s epee, McKenna Carpenter son silver with Jamie Love and Callie Jacob finished fifth and sixth. Congratulations to all our fencers on a very exciting weekend!