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Olympian Joins San Antonio Fencing Center to Host RYC

Tomorrow October 20th Olympian hosts the only San Antonio RYC this season and the Alamo area. All three weapons will be involved: epee, sabre, and foil. Together with San Antonio Fencing Center, we will host this key USFA event that is a National qualifier event. Be sure to visit AskFred to get all details, times and registration information.

Events will include Y10, Y12, and Y14 age groups starting at 8:30 AM

WHEN: October 20th & 21st, 2012

WHERE: San Antonio Fencing Center/Salle Pouj
435 Isom Rd. San Antonio, TX 78216

Schedule of Events and Registration Close:

Saturday, October 20th:

8:30AM Y-10 Mens and Womens Sabre
9:00AM Y-12 Mens and Womens Epee
10:30AM Y-14 Mens and Womens Foil
1:00PM Y-12 Mens and Womens Sabre
2:00PM Y-10 Mens and Womes Epee

Sunday, October 21st:

8:30AM Y-12 Mens and Womens Foil
10:30AM Y-14 Mens and Womens Sabre
1:00PM Y-14 Mens and Womens Epee
2:00PM Y-10 Mens and Womens Foil

A minimum of 6 fencers in each event must be present for that event to be held separate. In the event their are fewer than 6 fencers the event will be fenced “mixed.”


* This is a USFA tournament, current USFA membership is required. Mmbership will be available on-site.

*All fencers must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

*In case of questions, please bring proof of age.

*The use of the conductive metalic bib IS required for ALL foil events.

*Fencers must present themselves in full fencing uniform.

*Equipment must pass control, and have appropriate inspection marks.

*Fencers may participate in no more than two events in one day. Rest times (3 minutes/pool, 10 minute/DE) apply only to a fencer in their current event. No additional rest time will be granted to fencers competing in overlapping events.

*Fencing bags must remain in designated areas.

*Concessions will be available on site.