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Meet Max

Max, young fencer at Olympian Fencing Club in San Antonio

Max has been fencing for three years. He started when he was five.

Max got into fencing because he had been playing soccer through school and although he enjoyed it, it wasn’t satisfying because it was ten kids chasing one ball hoping to get a touch. When he first saw fencing his exact words were, “Oh yeah. I’ve got to do this.” Plus Max is into Star Wars and fencing was the closest things to lightsabers.

What Max likes about fencing is the one on one aspect of the sport. In other words it’s not ten kids chasing one ball. He enjoys that he can immediately put into practice what he learns and see the results. He likes the fast action. He also enjoys meeting all these new people and getting to hangout with them at either practices or tournaments. Plus he really likes his coaches.

Some of the highlights this season are placing 8th in Y10 at the Houston Fall RYC and RJCC tournament and finishing 1st in Y8 at the Battle in Space City RYC and RJCC tournament in Houston.

Max’s goal this season are to win the San Antonio Cup in Y10 and Y8, finish in the top 10 in Y10 at the regional tournaments, and to participate in the US Nationals in Phoenix, AZ. And of course to just to continually improve.

Vivek, young fencer at Olympian Fencing Club in San Antonio, TX

Meet Vivek​

I first got into fencing because I saw it while I was watching the Rio Olympics and it looked cool with suited up with mask and using sword like weapons. I joined OFC five year ago and have been fencing since then. I like it here because coaches help you with becoming a stronger fencer. My recent highlight is 6th place medal Y12 event at RYC. My goal for this season is to earn a medal in Y14 national event.

Meet Pranav

I joined Olympian after my brother started fencing there. My brother first learned about this sport during the Rio Olympics. The thing I like about fencing is its quick moves. My favorite thing is to do lunges to get a touch. Its lots of fun to use an epee, a sword like weapon to get touches on your opponents. I have been fencing for almost 2 years. One of my goals for this season is to win 1st place at Y10 Nationals tournament. My recent highlight of this season was winning a medal (5th place) at an SYC and a Bronze medal at an RYC.