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Meet Max

Max has been fencing since attending Summer Camp in 2022

I watched Olympic fencing with my dad, I thought it would be something I wanted to experience. Summer Camp was a great introduction and now I am becoming committed to learning the sport. 

I like learning new techniques and fencing terms, as well as the challenge of using them. I like making new friends during practice and especially like the feeling of winning bouts.

In my first ever tournament I placed 8th Y-12 at the January Olympian Open and faced great competitors at the Central Texas Pirate Clash.

My goals are to improve on my agility and technical skills to be more competitive. I hope to join the OFC Silver team in regional tournaments.

Mackenzie Masor - Olympian Fencing Club, fencing lessons for kids

Meet Mackenzie

Mackenzie has been fencing for 6 months in the Little Olympians Class.

Mackenzie began by watching her brother fencing at OFC and practicing at home. She listened to her brother talk about his lessons and would spar with Light Sabers at home. This eventually led to wanting to attend my own class.

Because I also attend Dance classes, I really enjoy learning my fencing movements and putting them into practice. Along with my agility exercises, I also think bouts with my classmates are a lot of fun!

Receiving my own equipment and my pink carry bag makes me excited to attend every week. I enjoy learning new movements and perfecting my lunge.

I want to become more competitive in fencing and be able to compete with bigger kids, including my brother.

Mateo Abad - Olympian Fencing Club, fencing lessons for kids

Meet Mateo

Fencing was a big part of my family from my mother’s side, both my grandfather Karoly Pesthy who is in the Fencing hall of fame in Hungary and my uncle Paul Pesthy who was a world champion, Olympian and hall of fame fencer in the United States. It seemed that the streak of fencers in the family was fading and we decided to introduce my son to the sport and revive our history in the sport.

We met with coach Tommi and Olympian fencing club and we fell in love with the sport. At the beginning it was only our son Mateo fencing but we needed to work on our mental and physical health and this has been an amazing transition to a better lifestyle.

We do see a bright future for Olympian Fencing Club and we hope to grow the next generation of athletes to be top challengers in the sport.

Carlos Abad, Mateo’s Father