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Olympian Sending Twelve Fencers to Mega Epee Camp

Olympian is sending twelve fencers to the mega epee camp in Houston, TX at Alliance Fencing Club, led by Andrey Geva. More than eighty fencers are attending this key prenational camp from all over the United States. If you are interested in attending this key developmental camp and the great opportunity to fence excellent competitors nationwide, contact our office for details on attending. Coach Velizar will also be coaching at the camp along with Andrey and other great world class talents.

This week of intense and fun activity will include:

Dedication to repetitive bouting experience to develop stamina and fencing experience. Fencers will have not less than 30 bouts daily. We will cover all aspects of your special training peaking with the 2012 Summer National Championships and NAC focusing on general and individual fencing strategy and technique, on psychological and mental preparation, and on athletes nutrition.


  • practice and competitive fencing bouts (at least 3-4 hours daily)
  • fencing bouts with different missions and tasks
  • bouts monitoring
  • fencing strategies & technique
  • intensive foot work & blade work
  • stretching & coordination exercises
  • general & special fitness exercises
  • athletes nutrition
  • fencing videos reviews