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Olympian Cup Fencing Tournament a Huge Success

The 2013 Olympian Cup was a huge success. Our Y8, Y10, Y12, and Y14 fencers all got great experience in competition with many coming from around the state. The Senior mixed epee tournament ended up being an A2 event with multiple fencers earning their 2013 ratings. Great fencers from Austin, Houston, Katy and many other areas joined us to make this the first big success this season. Congratulations to all fencers and to our winners in particular. Full results are posted on AskFred. Be sure to look in the gallery to see all the photos we have from the event as well :






photo (3)


Y8 – Michael Patterson

Y10 – Evan Carlisle

Y12 – Brandon Benavides

Y14 – Olivia Krick

Senior – Seungwon Yoon (earned his A2013)



Y8 – Isaac Oden

Y10 – Christopher Patterson

Y12 – Evan Carlisle

Y14 – Goutham Nair

Senior – Robin Cheong



Y8 – Nikita Moffett, William Hoffmann

Y10 – Michael Patterson, Zachary Mitchell-Kemp

Y12 – Sam Delmer, McKenna Carpenter

Y14 – Brandon Benavides, John Paul Martinez

Senior – Robert Reed, Risto Hurme (earned his B2013)